Notice of Upcoming Sewer Pipe & Soil Testing

Testing will take place September 6th – 14th.

Tsawout will be having soil samples done as part of our sewer Inflow and infiltration project. The main focus of this project is to take strain off of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) during heavy rains. 

The first step will be doing a quick 2-day utility survey ( call before you dig ).  The second step will be to run a small auger down about 36” and take a soil core sample. 

The purpose of the samples is to determine if any contaminants are being released from the sewer line and if contamination is detected we can then plan on sewer line replacement. 

Click the map for a more detailed view.

The approximate drill locations are shown on the map above. The actual locations may need to be adjusted in the field based on the utility locates.