Land Acquisition Announcement
Re. Puckle Road Purchase

SȾÁUTW̱ First Nation is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to its land base through a recent land acquisition, marking a major accomplishment that aligns with our long-standing strategic goals. This acquisition, totalling 99.17 acres, is a monumental step forward, made possible by the property’s ideal geographic location, proximity to existing Nation infrastructure, and future road improvement plans that have been diligently developed over time.

The need to explore options for increasing our land base has been a priority, as additional land is essential for community growth and development. Despite previous efforts to find viable opportunities, none had materialized until December 2023, when an exceptional opportunity arose. The owner of a property, just south of the Nation at 7245 Puckle Road, offered the land well below market value as a personal act of reconciliation.

Tsawout leadership and staff, having long expressed interest in acquiring additional lands to be added to the reserve, recognized the immense value of this property. The parcel is ideally situated near planned access improvements and the sewage treatment plant, enhancing its utility and accessibility. Additionally, it includes an access easement over the property nearest the beach, facilitating road and servicing access.

In early January, an agent representing the property owner approached Tsawout, indicating the owner’s desire to sell directly to the Nation, bypassing the open market. Following a thorough review and a site visit, during which no red flags were identified, Tsawout staff decided to pursue the acquisition further. The purchase was subsequently approved by Chief and Council, underscoring its importance and positive impact. This acquisition will increase the current land base by over 15%, from 598 acres to nearly 697 acres, marking a significant expansion that will provide lasting benefits for the community and generations to come.


There are three ways you can support the Land Back Movement:

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