The Tsawout First Nation is dedicated to housing its members in safe, affordable and adequate accommodations. As with other First Nations this can often be a struggle as Federal programs change and less money is available to offset the costs of building and maintaining housing. This is happening at the same time First Nations people across Canada are experiencing a population boom. Young families are having more children than average in Canada, which makes it imperative that homes are larger with more bedrooms. Elders need housing as well, often with some support as they age in place. Elders want to be near their families, but some are at an age when they need a break from raising grand children and maintaining larger homes.

There are different types of housing on the Tsawout Nation.

  1. Homes with fully paid off mortgages on private land owned via a Certificate of Possession (CP)
  2. Homes on CP land with mortgages that are still being paid
  3. Social Housing units on Band Lands.


Will Wieler
(250) 652-9101 ext. 308
Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

So, there are Nation members that own land, but as with off reserve housing, they must qualify for a private mortgage through a banking institution with very little assistance – if any –  from the Federal Government. There are innovative home ownership programs coming out from CMHC, but the Nation Member must still be able to have the financial ability to make the mortgage payments.

Waiting lists are long and many houses are over crowded. Many members are on waiting lists for off reserve housing, but those lists are long as well.

The Tsawout Housing Committee meets regularly to discuss housing issues and to try to come up with viable solutions for the Community. The Tsawout Nation welcomes suggestions and input from its members on how to attain money for new housing and to maintain the housing that it already has.