Message from Lois Williams, Health Manager, Tsawout Health Department

Good afternoon, Tsawout First Nation

Hunilht’ih? How are you? I am doing well and I am doing my best to keep up to date by telephone and Skype with the essential health staff on a weekly basis.


Please contact Tsawout Health to update your contact information as we need the list for emergencies and pandemic planning.  Please call Cathy at 250-652-1149 or send an email to


The Nurse Practitioner Kelly Sharp, Community Health Nurse Simi Ono, Medical Office Assistant Andresa Liwagon, Licensed Practical Nurse Katherine Sebastiano, Homecare staff Lisa Underwood, Cathy Webster and myself are still available at the Tsawout First Nation Health at 250-652-1149. We encourage you to call and reach out if you need any assistance with health or have any concerns.


There have been changes to our BC Medical coverage since September 16, 2019 through the First Nations Health Authority. I used to have an old BC Care Card in my wallet and I brought it to the local driver license office in Sidney and applied for the new medical card. I received a new card, which still had my old medical number from the previous BC Care Card. The new card looks like a driver license and you also have the option to combine the medical card with your driver license card. I opted to keep my cards separate for now. The next step I had to do was to register for Pacific Blue Cross coverage.


There is a website you can go to below and click on the link if you have internet and access to a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. There is a phone number you can call, which I found easier. Make sure to have your status number ready to give to the Pacific Blue Cross over the phone (1-855-550-5454). They give you an option to print out your card if you have a printer at home. The Pacific Blue Cross has an application that you can download onto your device.

Link for Pacific Blue Cross:
Toll free phone number for Pacific Blue Cross: 1-855-550-5454
First Nations Health Authority website for updates on COVID-19 and other information:


This was developed in response to the COVID-19 epidemic for those who DO NOT already see a health provider. If you are already working with the essential health staff at Tsawout then please continue to see them. Information for the First Nations Virtual Doctor of the day will be uploaded to the Tsawout website. You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with the Zoom App and or you can call 1-855-344-3800 to book an appointment. Turn on your microphone and use a headset or earpods if you are using zoom.


Tsawout First Nation is still currently looking for a Clinical Supervisor and a Counsellor to provide mental health support to the community members. Please contact the First Nations Health Authority if you need to access mental health services as soon as possible. The contact information will be listed below.

There are three ways to access mental health programs through the First Nations Health Authority.

  1. Mental Wellness and Counselling (MWC)
    • 22 hours  available every 12 months
  2. Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP)
    • 22 hours available every 12 months
  3. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Health Support Services (MMIWG HSS)
    • 22 hours available every 12 months

Please contact 1-855-550-5454 for a list of registered mental health providers or check the online website at We have a list of mental health providers at the the Tsawout First Nation Health as well if you would like us to assist you with the process.


This is a 24 hour service for Adult/Elder: 250-723-4050, Child/Youth: 250-723-2040 and a BC Toll free #: 1-800-588-8717. Facebook Page: KUU-US Crisis Service and online at


Mathew Davydiuk has been facilitating the Men’s Group with Tabita Marks at Tsawout and he is available by phone at 250-634-3478 and email from Monday to Friday (9:00 4:00 p.m.).

We hired Ana MacLeod for the Trauma and Addictions Counsellor position and are working on a schedule with her to be available by telephone. We will post an introduction on the website from her once she responds by email with a schedule and contact information. There is a list of First Nations Treatment Centres that are offering services over the phone and it will be uploaded to the Tsawout website.

NILTU,O Child and Family Services Society

They are also available if we need to send a referral for support services. They provide support in the Child and Youth Programs, Parenting Support/Workshop (Self-Development), Preventative Support/Intervention, Cultural Awareness, and Community Well-Being. Please call them at 250-544-1400.


Stay home, keep safe, and make sure that you are two arm’s length from other people if you have to go out for grocery shopping or picking up medication, etc.

Sechanalyagh/Thank you,

Lois Williams, Health Manager at the Tsawout First Nation Health Department