Fish Talk

September 7,2021

Food, Social and Ceremonial 2021

As many may know the salmon forecast for sockeye salmon is not as good as many have predicted for 2021.I will have an update on when some fish will arrive.

The Salmon will be distributed here at the back of the office for Tsawout Administration Office. Each home on reserve will be signing off on their fish.

Every community member home (188) will be receiving the same amount due to the shortage of Pacific Salmon this year.

Please have your buckets, bags or totes available for you to pick up. Please plan for pick up with your family members if they need assistance.

Clearly, no one knows when and how much, please, be patient and as soon as I know it’s being harvested then I will let you know.

If there is bi-catch of other salmon species, again, it will be distributed evenly for the members living on the reserve of Tsawout.
Fisheries will be planning for hopeful outcomes for next year to have all 983-member receiving their food, Social and Ceremonial fish.

I would like to stress to all members in the community to be kind and mindful of all the work and planning that goes into the food distribution and transportation of such resource. We will have zero tolerance for Lateral Violence, Thank you

Red Sea Urchins
There will be red sea urchins coming for food, social and ceremonial SOON

I will let the Elders Coordinator Michelle Morris will know when and will let you know when this gift of sea urchins will be arriving. A great way to come and visit each other, If you like to just pick it up, you will be more than welcome too.

Prawns, Food, Social and Ceremonial

September 15,16 or 17 is the targeted dates for prawns for Tsawout Members on reservation. Same plan as the Salmon. Pick up at the back of the Band office, sign sheet for members. Please be patient.

PAL and RPAL Firearms Courses

Tsawout First Nation Fisheries Department is hosting a Firearms Safety Course both the non-restricted (PAL) and restricted (RPAL)Program

This course is designed for people with zero knowledge and experience. (If you have this ticket, you do not need to take it again)

Limited seats 7 and it is first come first serve and if necessary, we may be able to host again.

This course includes the requirements the required tests and is a 12-hour program.

One must be sure to attend both days to be completed,

2-day course starting right at 8:30
When November 14 and 15
Where at the TFN auditorium
Time 8:15 am

Please call Reanne Askham at 250 652 9101 ext.319 if you like a seat

Once you have completed this course you will need to apply to the federal government for your PAL-we will provide you with the application pack and talk you through the process.

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe and successful.

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