There are three full sized classroom facilities in the Tsawout Gathering Strength Facility.  We are now accepting bookings for the 2011 year.  Each classroom offers the following features.

  • Large seating capacity ( 40 people per room)
  • Individual study areas
  • Sink and counter space
  • Computers ( 5 per room)
  • Windows
  • Tables and chairs
  • Whiteboards
  • Projector screens
Equipment Required *

**CATERING/COFFEE/SNACKS are separate and need to be coordinated by Manager/Dept. Staff. If coffee supplies are used, these need to be returned to the Staff Room. ** IF PROJECTOR/OFFICE SUPPLIES ARE USED, these items need to be returned accordingly. ** COMMUNITY MEMBER FUNDRAISING. Tables & chairs will be provided or set-up, however, in consideration of event space these need to be folded, stacked, and returned to storage area. ** IF EVENT IS CANCELLED. Manager/Dept. staff must notify Caterer (if applicable) and advise Reception so that the Calendar can be updated, and Rec. Attendants notified.

Classroom Rental Hourly Rates

Tsawout Members


General Public


Classroom Rental Daily Rates

Tsawout Members


General Public